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+This Community Isn't Just For Punk Rock Music+
1* The New Application will be voted with a point system. You get 0-3 points [0 being the lowest] by being graded on the following: 1) Following the rules.. if your application is posted and labeled as it states, then you should be okay. 2) Your application.. basically, this is us judging you and deciding if we like your style. 3) Pictures.. so basically they are a must have. If you don't have pictures of you, post pictures of things you like. - It takes at least 4 points to be a yes.. and if a mod votes no, majority rules; mods can't auto stamp you into the community or deny you access.
2* Your answers on your application must be bolded, colored different, or standing out from the original text on the application in anyway. We must be able to read your answers, so make them clear.
3* You may join without posting an application but you will become a Limited Member which only allows you to post once a week, unable to vote on other applications, and you can only remain a Limited Member for one month. After one month is up you will be asked to submit an application or be kicked out of the community.
4*Please do not be very annoying, or idiotic.
5*You may post anything you like EXCEPT promoting communities.. go to an advertising community for that please. If you just can't live without promoting a community email one of the moderators for permission.
6*Don't be afraid to express yourself.
7*We aren't very strict moderators so don't hold back on your applications. Be yourself.


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